Stop and Think

WHAT?!?! But the teachers aren't unionized. They said education was going to suffer! All this, even after so many top notch teachers quit?

I love how Walker gets blasted for an idea very similar to one Obama had. Once called it a "Payroll tax cut" the other calls in "Income tax cut".

Wait a second....for most of your post I couldn't tell if you were talking about Obama or Walker.

You can lead a horse to water........

So tax payers get to pay for another trial that should have been taken care of 22 years ago.

Are you talking about MN and their LOWEST minimum wage in the nation? Heck, it was even BELOW the federal level. Maybe Scooter should lower the minimum wage!?!?!?

"Even if it had to happen, it did not need to happen the way it did"

At least it happened. The state could have elected a Lefty and it would have been put off even longer. Cheers to CHANGE!

"Count board member steps down week after re-election"

What do these board members count?!?!?

Same goes for many democrats....way to point out our politicians are crooks, Cpt. Obvious.

My name is good advice...for you.

you said, "The Dem per diems are higher because they spend more days working than Republicans"......the proof, please.

You assume they were working. This merely states they "CLAIMED" more days. And if we are to believe what…