lol I don't think statement is really necessary. Any reasonable person can agree that there are idiots on either side of the isle. I think we can let the Dems off the hook here! lol

looks great! so glad this finally happened!

congrats! Nice work!

sure sounds nice. but we're still ignoring the real problem. crappy wages. corporate greed. same old scooter

quit doing them. problem solved. duh.

meow! prrrrrrr

Everyone has people that don't like them. I guarantee you Todd had more friends than enemies. Todd was an awesome co-worker. He's very social, outgoing, fun to talk to. Heck every week he'd bring in some kind of food or treat for everyone. He replaced a windshield on my car once. Something d…

lol the point is you can't just lump everyone who's killed an animal, into someone who would kill people.

"any person who would do this to an animal, would do this to a child" Um no. That's simply a ridiculous statement. I kill animals for food. So according to your logic, I would kill people and eat them.