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MORE importantly, why are we worried about low income people? Why not build something that attracts people who pay taxes and don’t use up resources? It seems like low income families have become the center of attention in LaCrosse. Anytime there is housing being built it seems like it is f…

While I do understand the complaint by Abraham I think it can be compared to the employment of govt workers who do not do a good job but continue to keep their job. Being a judge would be a thankless job in many cases. Being under fire for following guidelines is apart of the judges job ma…

Typical media rumor spreading! Why jump to conclusion without finding the exact information? While I did not like the decision of having the speaker I do not condone media making the guys life any harder than it is already. Find some real news, would you.

union conservative commented on Josh Kaul, Tony Evers slam lame-duck session

Not good to be sore losers. I didn't vote him but am for allowing him to do his job. The majority spoke.

How pathetic is it that I should buy land and pay the taxes and then be forced to allow people recreation opportunities on it. Being successful in life allows people to buy what they want. It is bad enough the government makes a person buy permits for different projects done on their own l…

Just remember police can’t be everywhere to enforce these laws. Speed bumps are the only way to slow people down.

Be careful what you wish for. I wasn’t a big advocate for speed bumps like over by Dairyland Power on East Avenue. Come see what we got from Mr Gallagher over by Spencer School. The intersection of Bennett and 22nd Street does not allow for a fire truck to turn the corner. In the winter park…

I have supported him through everything but I also support term limits for ALL govt. his term is up in my book.

While many assume there had to be a cellphone involved don’t always believe it. There are plenty of other reasons why people drive erratically. Drugs is my guess for this one.

Have you ever walked through some of the city buildings. Those too are in need of updating work. But we need to spend $50,000,000 on a project first? That is govt wasting at its finest.

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