Farming should not be industrialized to such an extent. It's bad for the ecosystem, bad for the animals, unnatural and produces food of a lesser quality. When I graduated high school from Viroqua in 1980, 50 percent of my graduating class lived on small, 200 acre average, 40 milk cow avera…

Kapanke should just leave it alone. His utter hubris, obvious ignorance and complete lack of humility resulted in a successful recall.
Go away now. The voters have spoken - twice! We don't want you.

A gang of Unsupervised Chickens stole my bike last summer!

Well said Farmer Pete!

Not the first time you've been called a troll, Dave.

Very well put Matt! We are lucky to have a thoughful, intelligent editor for our "local," paper.
I hope Lee Enterprises does't fire you for having a brain!

9 terms is too many. No other mayor in Viroqua has been in office that long. It is time for Larry to step down and give someone else a chance.

Outdoor Pool and Bigley are seperate issues. Tim should know. He has managed BOTH of them!!!!! Thanks for your contributions Mr. Lee!

The City of Crystal, Minnesota built a similar pool and their taxes only went up around $30 per household. Mr. Foster, for a man who proclaimed himself to be a Gay Communist a year and half ago at the coop, your homophobic anti-communist stance now, is pretty strange.

The American Debate has reached a tipping point. Do we have a government that is an instrument for the good, or is it every person for themself? Is there something bigger we want to reach for or is self-interest our basic resting pulse.
I believe that government (which is us,) should, …

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