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I know this has been asked before but I have not heard/seen the answer; do city employees have to pay to park at City Hall?

Cassandra, speaking of education, look into Prairie du Chien in 1827. I had ancestors killed during a raid by Chief Redbird, to include the scalping of a young girl. I hold no animosity towards the Winnebago/Ho Chunk tribe but how do you justify scalping a child? Chief Redbird I'm sure felt…

Cassie, I have a college degree with history being a passion of mine, to include the study of Native Americans. They certainly suffered at the hands of Americans (Trail of Tears, etc.). But white people dont own the market on atrocities and people wearing blinders don't do anyone any good.

I don't really care about Columbus Day but it is disingenuous to talk about his treatment of indigenous people. Indigenous people raided each other's lands, took captives and killed each other too. No better, no worse than Columbus

The mayor is constantly complaining that other governing bodies are not giving the city more. The more you give him the more he and the council will spend. Cougar is right when mentioning the higher tax rate in the City

Didn't say exact, said similar and there are plenty of pictures.
https://isthmus.com/arts/stage/Ho-Chunk-Historic-Stand-Rock-Indian-Ceremonial-Dance/. This is just 1 of many pictures that you can find of present day celebrations.

Google: Ho-Chunk Pow Wow and look at the actual images of modern day celebrations...the images you will see are very similar to the statue in both appearance and dress.

Congratulations and best wishes for your future

Terrific heart warming story!

The threat of annexation by La Crosse is real and the towns know that. Regional sharing is a good idea but not at the cost of your independence. The editorial board is foolish not to give that concern any credence.

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