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The Vernon County Censor Oct. 10, 1917 100 years ago

Get ready for winter.

Quite fall like and windy.

Potatoes are plentiful in this market at 65 to 80 cents per bushel.

Miss Lucy Dawson has been chosen secretary of the new credit association.

The Bank of Viroqua is installing a new section of steel deposit boxes in it vault for accommodation of patrons.

Albert Tryggestad has arranged a Ford truck line between his Bud store and Viroqua and does his own hauling thereon.

Nels Hendrickson is about to move to town, having exchanged his farm of 93 acres on Pierce ridge to John Shown for his house and plat of land three houses west of city park.

In the mix-up of troops at Waco, Texas, companies, regiments and brigades have been so merged that soldiers of a given locality are separated. Captain Butters writes that he goes on the staff of General Richards, the Depot Brigade, Thirty-Second Division…. Butters says: “Our duties will be mostly to look after and provide supplies for the brigade…. If we go to Europe at all, we will be situated either in England or France, probably at some seacoast town…. The saddest thing to me in this reorganization is that I am separated from most of the boys from home…. One thing I will tell you—that it’s mighty hot down here, uncomfortably so in the tents at night.

First snow of the season fell Tuesday all day. It is just a reminder that we have at least six months of winter before us. The thought combined with the knowledge of coal chortage [sic] in the country, makes people shiver in advance.

The Vernon County Censor Oct. 15, 1942 75 years ago Truck routes are being planned for Vernon county dairy plants by War Time Transportation to eliminate duplication of trucking milk and cream for processing.

Obituaries: Mrs. Anna Peterson 92, Dr. Romanzo Adams 72, Mrs. Florence Viets, Mrs. Selma Tisthammer 52, Mrs. Anne Stafslien 85, Mrs. Helen Dahl 26.

A truck carrying 19,000 pounds of canned corn and butter ran off the road on the Coon Valley hill. The air brakes failed to hold and the truck could not make the curve. This is the spot where a truck loaded with powdered buttermilk burned a few months ago.

Wed: Cleyola Sherry to Morrell Peterson.

Archie Honaker broke his shoulder when some machinery he was working on fell on him.

Mrs. H.E. Goldsmith received burns on her face and hands from a gas explosion at the Goldsmith cottage. The burns were not severe and she is making a good recovery.

Eighteen ladies went to the Mrs. Minnie Strait home for a carpet rag bee.

Rev. H.T. Haagenson attended the “Slooper Society” in IL. The Sloopers are the first Norwegian immigrants to this country in the sloop “Restaurationen” in 1825. The purpose of the organization is to write the history of the early immigrants and descendants. Rev. Haagenson has done a great deal of research on that history.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor Oct. 12, 1967 50 years ago

Viroqua aldermen Tuesday night voted an ordinance to rid the community of junked or abandoned vehicles. Aldermen approved the idea by suspending the rules of normal approval and voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance. Last owners of record may be fined for abandoning them, as may the landowners where the junkers sit. Penalties range from $5 to $25 and court costs, or a County Jail sentence until paid, up to 30 days.

Henry H. Seiler, a volunteer fireman for 47 years and chief of about 25 years, received a Viroqua Kiwanis senior citizen’s award Monday night from Mark Haser during Fire Prevention Week.

Deaths: Anna Kjerstine (Christine)(Fortney) Solverson, 88; Albert O. Pederson, 76; Minnie M. (Vance) Flikkie, 75; Howard Durst, 81; Sanna (Mortenson) Rudrud, 69.

Parks Robinson’s new FM station, WGBM-FM, went on the air Friday at noon for 12 hours of musical broadcasting daily. The station is a companion to WISV, an AM station, on the air since 1958.

Viroqua City will add a new officer for the midnight police shift. Two men and two cars will be on duty from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. The fourth officer will start November 1.

The Vernon County Broadcaster Oct. 8, 1992 25 years ago

The state began an extensive investigation of Woodland Farms, a real estate agency with its headquarters in De Soto. There were 11 complaints that had been filed against Woodland Farms over the past three years. Wisconsin’s Department of Regulation and Licensing had reported its investigating findings to the state Real Estate Board. Woodland Farms was also the subject of three pending lawsuits.

The Viroqua Area School Facilities Study Committee held its first meetings as part of its three-month investigation. The Committee, made up of 13 members, was tasked with examining all existing school facilities and recommend to the school board what was needed to serve students both in the present and in the future.

The Westby City Council continued its discussion of the proposed $445,000 expansion of the Norseland Nursing Home. Most of the residents of Westby supported the expansion,

A team from the Wisconsin Bureau of Quality Compliance gave Bethel Home and Services an excellent report. The compliance team spent seven working days surveying Bethel Home in order to complete its inspection and annual report.

La Farge native Gene McDonald was appointed director of the nine-county Superior transportation district. McDonald was promoted to this position after serving as Superior’s district chief design engineer.

Elsworth Leonard Stout of Endeavor, Wisconsin, and formerly of Readstown celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends. When Stout was a young child his family moved to a new farm by covered wagon.

Viroqua Post Office employees Lauren Ostrem and James Buchanan retired from the post office after serving 21 and 23 ¼ years respectively. A party was held in their honor.

The Vernon County Broadcaster Oct. 4, 2007 10 years ago News not available at press time.

Vernon County Historical Society — by Bonnie Sterling, Judy Gardner, Peg O’Rourke, Irving Leif and Leila Holen

Vernon County Historical Society — by Bonnie Sterling, Judy Gardner, Peg O’Rourke, Irving Leif and Leila Holen


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