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What will the future of America look like? Often, we look to the future with a grim, cynical look. But I believe that the days ahead will prove to be better than the past ever was. Together we can make our world better than ever before, for everyone. It won’t be easy, but as Americans, I know that we can overcome the challenges we face. That is my belief, my hope for the future.

America started out as a group of colonies that wrestled away their independence from a world-spanning power. They were the ultimate underdogs, rebels who rose up against an unjust system. They then established a fair government, built upon the ideals of equality, freedom, and fairness for all. It is these constructs that eventually forged America into the global powerhouse it is today. Yet many people see America as a decrepit corpse of a formerly great empire. It’s easy to see why: everywhere we look, the present and future looks bleak. The media screams constant cries of anger and fear at the supposed horrors that surround us. People always sigh at the current politics and reminisce about “the good old days”. The country rages a silent war against itself and its brothers. But is the world as bad as we think it is?

What is important to note is that America is not perfect and never will be. That is because we are inherently imperfect as people. America was never without sins. But we continue to improve day after day. My hope for the future isn’t a perfect world, but one where everyone has what they need. One where there are no poor or alone; where people don’t need to work their lives away to avoid ending up on the streets. One where no one feels excluded due to their race, gender, or sexual orientation. If we treat people as people, the world will be better for everyone. And if we continue to move down this path I believe we can move to a utopian future.

If we work with each other, holding hands and sharing resources, we can build a better America. If politicians work with the people, and understand the poor, they might create laws and appeal for more equality with the rich and poor. If we can stop ignoring those who we would rather forget, like the addicts, the drunks and the mentally ill, we can improve the lives of thousands. The world can be so much better if we stop pretending that the people who are poor deserve it. The moment we start treating these people like people, that is the moment the world gets better.

When the world seems grim, remember that the world is getting better, and always will be improving. If we trust each other, listen to each other, work with each other, America can only get better. The world only improves if we improve our relationships with everyone else. If we all stand together, who can stand against us? That is my hope for the future of America.


Westby Times editor

Dorothy Robson is editor of the Westby Times. Contact her at 608-637-5625.

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