Is it fair to Westby taxpayers not to charge Holte?

The current mayor of Westby is doing an excellent job of draining the local government swamp. The next question is: Is the district attorney for Vernon County doing his job? The article in the Westby Times titled “Suspended City Clerk Resigns” reported that “At the present time no further action is expected to be taken against Holte.”

This woman allegedly abused her position by stealing thousands and thousands of taxpayers’ dollars using her time, paid by the city, and using city equipment, paid for by the city, to line her own pockets with thousands and thousands of dollars. According to public records, in 2016, she made $52,000.00 as the Westby city clerk/treasurer. If she used 15-20 hours a week for her personal business, approximately $26,000 was theft, pure and simple. And that’s just last year.

She allegedly indulged herself in this criminal activity for ten years. She should pay it back. She should lose her state retirement benefit and she should go to jail. Her blatant disregard for the law needs to be dealt with because government corruption begins at the local level and continues up the chain. It’s no wonder the country has such a mess at the federal level. Where there are bigger fish, there’s bigger corruption.

Losing her job is a slap on the wrist. She’s likely already pocketed enough to live on until the age of retirement. Maybe the city council members should reconsider their decision to cease further action as well. After all, they’re the governing body in the city. They are supposed to lead by good example, keep the beautiful city of Westby moving forward, and discourage the type of despicable behavior exhibited by the city clerk/treasurer from ever happening again.

Kelly McGraw

Minong, Wisconsin


Westby Times editor

Dorothy Robson is editor of the Westby Times. Contact her at 608-637-5625.

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Conservative Grandma

This is what I said when this story broke. Again, if I were a Westby taxpayer, I'd be pissed that there is no repayment plan in the works.

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